Happy (U.S.) Thanksgiving

As an American who no longer lives in the States, it is hard to keep the tradition of a November Thanksgiving alive, when your country celebrates in October (US Columbus Day).   I sit here typing thinking of Thanksgiving pasts.  The smell of turkey that would take over the house.  The Thanksgiving eves spent at the football stadium watching my high school alma mater take on its rival.  The Thanksgiving mornings going back to the stadium to watch the other two high schools in the city take each other on.  The Thanksgiving where my mom made a ham, lamb and turkey and all the fixings for just the four of us.   The years that my parents spent in New Hampshire and we got to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day since a few of the stores opened on the holiday.  Regardless of the memory a smile comes across my face.  Those were the good ole days! The carefree days of only low stress and no worries.  As the years passed on it still was one of the favourite holidays.  I remember the year where we showed up and surprised my family for Thanksgiving.  Or last year when the kid and I went to Boston and my husband decided to show up at 7:45am knocking on the door surprising us for the day.  Needless to say the customs officer looked at him a bit funny when he asked how long were you there for, and he replied I just went for Thanksgiving dinner.

Regardless of how your day plays out today, whether you’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by your family or friends that are like your family.  Whether you have to grin and bear it through dinner or are sitting at a table by yourself, know that your friend in Canada is wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.  I’m grateful for so much today.  My amazing family, my wonderful friends, the three countries that I’m blessed to know and have impacted my life so much and of course all of you.  Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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