Happy Mother’s Day

While yesterday was the official Mother’s Day on the calendar.  I don’t think that any mom waits for one day a year to receive recognition for her good works.  It isn’t as if she’s not working, cooking, cleaning, raising the children and/or helping to impact the lives of others the other 364 days a year.  Yes it is nice to be acknowledged for what you do but if you got into motherhood for the thanks and praises then I have to tell you, you have another thing coming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very fortunate to have a partner who frequently tells me that I’m doing a great job with our child.  I have friends who will comment, what a good job we’re doing with Miss K.  The reality of being a mother is it is messy (and I’m not just referring to the poop and puke stage).  It is messy raw emotions running around both on the part of the mom and the part of the child.  If you’re like me and your child is in the toddler/pre-schooler stage, every day is a battle of wills.  Your little person is trying to exert their independence, while you as the adult are trying to allow them to do this but also keeping them safe. There is a standstill at the front door because you won’t let them wear the water shoes (you bought over the weekend and didn’t put away) to school this morning.  There are meltdowns because you put them in the car seat and they didn’t climb in themselves.  Then you decide to sing while the radio is playing Sunshine in my Pocket and let me tell you, mommy should not be singing (according to my child).  Then there is the jacket/no jacket decision because one minute they want it on and one minute they do NOT want to be wearing their jacket.  But of course along with all of these emotions are the pure raw ones.  When your child grabs your hand to cross the parking lot.  When they whisper, “hold me mommy.”  When you’re dropping them off to school and they come running calling you, because I need one more hug and a kiss.  This is what being a mother is all about.  The one hug that feels like it sets the world in motion for it to be an amazing day.  The kiss that you know comes with so much love.  The words, I love you mommy, that come with a look that lets you know for that one moment, all is right in the world.  Ladies and gentlemen, that is what motherhood is about.  It is raw, it is emotional and it is real.  There are moments that you want to pull your hair out, that you second guess your decision and you worry and wonder about the world that these little people are growing up in.  But then there are the pure moments that make it all worth while.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all of the women who are in Miss K’s life.  It takes a village and we’re surrounding ourselves with our tribe.  I know that Mother’s Day isn’t an easy one for everyone.  For those ladies who have lost their moms, may have a strained relationship with them, who may have lost a child, have had a strained relationship with their child, who have chosen not to be a mother or who are trying so hard to be a mother, I hope that you were able to get through the day and know that you play such a huge role in the lives of so many.

And remember it shouldn’t take another 364 days before you say Happy Mother’s Day to your mom or thank you for all that she’s done to make you the person that you are today.

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