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Okay so this is going to come across like a rant but finally the Pintrest moms have hit too close to home.  With a little one getting online time isn’t easy.  It happens in spurts and when the opportunity arises.  It was amazing when I opened Facebook the other night and saw in my friend Greg’s post that he was on a flight to London with a Pintrest mom on-board.  You’re probably saying, Roula I’m sure there were 30 moms on the flight and probably 20 have Pintrest what is the big deal?  The big deal is he actually got a package.  A package with a photo of the children who would be on-board apologizing in advance as this was their first trip.  It included chocolates, earplugs and other goodies.  This mom went through the trouble to make these packages for everyone on-board the transatlantic flight.

AGHHHHHHH!!! This drives me crazy!! Okay let me preface this with I have done my fair share of traveling.  I have done the transatlantic flights where all you want to do is sleep and you end up sitting next to the screaming baby (before I was a mom).  I’ve done the domestic flights every other week for work where you end up with the vacationing family that has multiple kids and too much stuff and you’re praying you’re not stuck in the same row.  I took a trip to Greece when my brother was a little over a year old and to this day I STILL remember it, it was that traumatic.  I get it people.

Though, now that I am a mom, there are some things that I don’t understand.  I don’t understand why you, sir or madam, think that you are more important than I?  I don’t understand why you think the ticket that you paid which costs the same as my ticket but less than the ticket for me and my child combined makes you more important?  I don’t understand why you feel as though you are being put out because my child may or may not cry.  Trust me if my kid is crying, there is a reason. They either are in pain or uncomfortable.  We’re not at the stage of crying for attention.

I dread our first plane ride for this reason.  The looks, the attitude and the glimmer in the eyes of the people who are hoping, just hoping, you’re not on their flight.  You’ll probably see me carrying a bag, pushing a stroller and trying to rock my kid to sleep so that she won’t disturb you on the flight.  You’ll see me having paid the extra money for my child’s seat so she can be safe in her car seat and you’ll wish you’re not ‘stuck’ next to us.  I have enough anxiety already about doing this, maybe you can show some compassion. Maybe for once we can get out of our comfort zone and realize we are just one piece of the pie in this great amazing universe and for once maybe it isn’t about us.

BTW I do love Pintrest and I am a Pintrest mom.  Maybe by the time my kid is 5 I’ll be able to use some things I posted for her first birthday!!

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