Growing up Greek in America…oh wait we live in Canada.

There are so many funny nuances that you encounter when you’re growing up Greek in America, or in the case of my little one, Growing up Greek in Canada.  From before she was born hubby and I decided that it was important for our child to grow up Greek.  Now I know many people who have raised ‘Greek’ children and they can barely say ‘kahlihmehrra’. I’m not interested in that.  I want my child to say καλημέρα and know where the accent should even go.  The language, the customs, the traditions, this is what it means to be Greek. Celebrating your ονομαστική γιορτή (nameday), celebrating Greek Independence Day by going to the Danforth for the parade in her βασίλισσα αμαλία outfit, celebrating the Ἐπιτάφιο service on Good Friday and the Eσπερινός Αγάπης on Easter Sunday are all events I look forward to attending with the little Miss for years to come.  They wouldn’t be something we think twice about attending.

One of these nuances we’ve encountered is language.  We have decided to speak Greek in our home along with English.  We know that we won’t have any other chance as the current one presented to us to be able to fill her brain with all of the wonders of language.  Saying that you often wonder can it ever hurt?  One example is we were playing with some of her friends the other day and the patty cakes came up in the conversation.  Of course as soon as it was said the other children began to clap and smile.  Little miss just sat there unsure as to what the excitement was all about.  When I explained to her to do Παλαμάκι she started clapping and smiling like everyone else.  It wasn’t until that moment that I started to think about the effects of “Growing up Greek.”  Would she have a more difficult time later on when she had to focus more on English?  Would it be harder for her to communicate with others?  The more I think about it the less I’m going to sweat it.  Hubby and I are both educated individuals who at least will be able to help her with her spelling words in JK, SK and grade 1 🙂

If you want to check out our favourites the Zouzounakia doing Παλαμάκι, click the link here.


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