When was the last time you thanked someone?

When was the last time you thanked someone? I don’t mean thank you for holding the door, passing the gravy but thanking them for really touching your life? The other side of that is when has someone gone out of their way to truly thank you?

A few weeks ago, on Thursday evening, my doorbell rang. Honestly I hate answering my door because it is usually someone trying to sell me something. I put on my “get lost” face as I climbed down the stairs. When I peeked out of the shade, I saw my neighbour standing there. Of course I opened the door to see what she wanted. She stopped by to let me know that our neighbour down the street, Al, passed away the night before. I thanked her for stopping by and let her know that another neighbour had brought me up to speed earlier in the day. She continued to say that she had been fortunate over last three months to really get to know him. Al was a kind and gentle soul whom she had learned so much from. And she had me to thank for that. Honestly it stunned me. She said, “If you hadn’t planned on our socially distanced street party over the summer, I may have never gotten to know him.” She became emotional and it was then that it became obvious to me that they truly had connected over the last few months. She said that she’s learned in life if someone does something that has impacted you in a positive way, you should let them know. So she wanted to bring it to my attention.

After she left, and I reflected back to her visit, it hit me that on all of the days, this message came to me on American Thanksgiving. A day where we give thanks for all that we have and all that we are. How many other days throughout the year do you go out of your way to let people know how thankful you are of them? Has anyone come to you with a similar situation to thank you for something that you’ve done for them? How many times throughout the day do you have the ability to impact our fellow humans? Do you jump at the chance or do you let it slide? As we wind down the year 2020, one that will go down in the history books, make sure you take a moment to thank those who have touched your life. Yes we have so many negative things to say about this year, but I have no doubt if you sit to reflect you will find some positives as well. Happy Wednesday my friends!

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