Well it was just another fabulous Friday.  I had decided to forget about how my week didn’t go as planned and get excited about the hectic weekend ahead that would be filled with family and friends.  So I as I mentally got prepared for bath time a feeling of panic went over my body.  Baby, Baby was missing, worse I remembered where Baby was.  Baby was in school.  I grabbed my phone and called the school, the teacher told me they closed in 15 minutes.  I told her I was on my way.  I grabbed the kid, threw some shoes and a coat on the both of us and out we went.  She kept asking where we were going and I said an adventure.

How did I let this happen?  I never send toys to school but Friday morning had been exceptionally hard and Baby came to drop off.  Then Baby came inside to see the school.  Then it was decided Baby could stay for a show and tell. I kept playing pick up in my head.  I walked in and they had just come in from outside.  The ECE warned me that my kid had of course found the biggest puddle in the play area (thank you Peppa Pig and your muddy puddles).  So here she is, still having her snow pants, coat, boots on and is just a mess.  Literally it looks like she rolled around in the puddle, which I can neither confirm or deny happened.  Regardless all I could do was laugh.  We washed her hands, and I grabbed her shoes and off we went.  Upon further investigation at home the snow pants, gloves and coat did the trick, she was completely dry inside.  So we went upon our normal routine.

Back at school I had one teacher helping me find the Baby, we looked everywhere, two rooms, closets, baskets, everywhere.  Another teacher who was leaving walked in and offered to help, grateful for another set of eyes, we continued.  We asked the kid what she did that day, where she remembered baby last.  The investigation provided nothing.  As I was beginning to explain to the kid that Baby was gone and we’d have to go home without her, the second teacher who came in to help yells, “Is this her?”  You hear the kid shout out, “Baby!” I ran over and hugged her.  Thanking her I asked where did she find the doll?  She said she was right here, by the sink.  The kid then pipes in, “we gave Baby a bath mommy.”  Upon further investigation of Baby it made complete sense, Baby had flecks of green paint in her blonde hair, as well as yellow paint on her blue eyes.  The kid obviously wanted to do a complete makeover on her.  Needless to say we left the school so happy and giving Baby extra hugs.

My kid never was one for attachment items.  She threw the pacifier away at 4 months.  She never had a favourite blanket or stuffed animal.  About 8 months ago she started not liking taking baths, which is completely normal at this age, so we had switched to showers.  Daddy being the great guy that he is found a doll that could go in water and even had a bathtub that came with it.  Six months of trying and finally two weeks ago the kid requested a bath, with the doll.  Since then the doll comes with us every bath.  I gave up our quick few minute showers to 15 minute baths full of toys and bubbles, and sometimes that isn’t enough time in the water.  I don’t want to say to soon that my water baby is back, but we’re getting there. Needless to say that I’m happy my baby, who certainly is no longer a baby, has her Baby back.

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A little ditty about Jack and really in all seriousness I'm a daughter, sister, wife and mother. I'm a Greek-American, who has transplanted in Canada. As a first time mom I'm sharing some things as I go along.

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