The phases of life

October 11, 2016–I have realized that this post didn’t publish so I am back dating it.

October is my month.  It has been for as long as I can remember.  If you don’t know me personally it is my birth month and I like a big deal made about birthdays.  I don’t really care about the gifts, although I’ve never seen a gift I didn’t appreciate, but for me it is more about the cards.  A well picked out card can mean more than a $1190 (CND) pair of Gucci flats.

This October has unfortunately been full of the phases of life.  We met a friends one week old who immediately stole everyone’s heart by entering this world.  Later we visited a friend’s two month old who was just starting to get into an every day routine of feeding, cooing, sleeping, pooping, and repeat.  And found out two other loved ones were pregnant.  These are the happy phases.  We remembered loved ones lost both honouring their birthdays and anniversaries.  And unfortunately we dealt with sick family friends and went through the phase of life where we lost them as well.  I guess this year October for me has been a month of reflection.  If you saw my post last week you saw my take on friendship.  What about family?  What is your take?

If you’re like me you have an extended family that you might see once or twice a year, or once or twice a decade depending on where they are.  You try and use social media as a way to stay connected and you hope that when you’re together again it makes it less awkward but really are your friends more like family and your family more like friends?  We all have those BFFs that know more about us than we remember ourselves, so certainly we need to keep them close.  This usually is the case with a sibling or a close cousin.  But what about parents?  If you’re lucky enough to still have your parents with you, are you close to them?  Have your roles reversed where you’re worried about them because of aging? Do you worry about whether the last time you told them you loved them might be the last time you speak to them?  Do you make an effort or do you like many take them for granted because after all their your parents and they’ll always be there for you?

As I sit here typing this, the sun still not up yet, waiting for my hubby and little one to wake up, I ponder.

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