Seriously Penelope…is there a Santa Claus?

Okay if you personally know me you know that I do my darnedest to Christmas shop throughout the year.  I have no patience for what comes out of humanity in December and mostly after the 20th of December.  The pushing, shoving, profanity spewing adults all trying to get the same parking spot, toy for their child, coffee so they can make it through the day.  Regardless of if you celebrate Christmas or not, you’re dealing with this craziness, and Canadians are the nicer people.  I am wondering if I’ve lost my American edge or I’m just getting older and realize it all doesn’t matter.

I know that tomorrow night and Thursday, I’ll have more photos than I can count on fingers, of people’s trees lined with gifts underneath.  Then photos of jubilation on the faces of family members once they open those gifts.  But really, truly, is that what we have become?  What I ask myself is when was the last time these people put the phones down and had a real moment with their families?  When did our lives have to become open books in order for us to get through the day? You might think I’m being judgmental and perhaps it is coming across that way but ladies and gentlemen, my wish for you this Christmas is to create real memories.  Put the phones down, put the video apps away and capture the smile on your children’s faces.  Ingrain that in your memory.  Take a moment to smile at the people who are around the tree with you, you never know when it might be your last Christmas together.  Leave the wrapping paper strewn on the floor and enjoy the hugs and kisses the morning gives you.  And for my friends who are spending Christmas alone this year, know that in a house in the suburbs outside of Toronto, in Canada, as I drink my morning coffee on Thursday, I’ll be thinking of you and thanking God for bringing each of you into my life.

I leave you with my RDKism:  “You never know when you might miss the actual moment because you’re too busy trying to prepare to capture a possible moment.”




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