Summer has arrived

I am going to bite the bullet and say that summer has arrived!  We’ve been having some awesome weather lately which has me outside and away from my computer.  I debated about bringing the tablet near the water table but after my phone went swimming in the toilet I didn’t want to lose the tablet!

Since my last post we finished up our art program and little Miss had her final performance.  There is a video of it somewhere for her to look back at years from now but I have to say I’m amazed at what this instructor was able to do with toddlers.  Now don’t get me wrong, they did what they wanted to do, but for the most part, it was what was in the script.  They took care of their farm and the animals just as if they were rock stars!  Oh wait they were rock stars with their guitars and tutus!  Here is a snapshot of the girls and their instructor harvesting the vegetables that they planted for themselves and their animals.


We’ve also gone back to our sportball class.  If you know me personally, you know that I played basketball pretty much my entire life, so naturally I thought this class would be a great fit.  I’m learning that my child certainly has a mind of her own.  This past week she had no interest in the kicking drill that we were supposed to be doing but rather was rocking out to the music that the coaches were playing in the background.  Don’t worry I didn’t push her to do the drill but rather stood there twirling her around while foam balls were flying around us.  We must remember that is what life is about, the little moments.

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