Oh what a day!

Oh what a day yesterday was! I think that the world was holding its collective breath and finally was able to breathe again. At least that is what it seems to this American born woman living in Canada. I have said it before, I’m not here to talk politics but no one should take away what November 7, 2020 means for women. We finally have the first woman as Vice President and a woman of colour who is first generation, talk about an accomplishment. Imagine how proud her family must feel, like the families of so many Greeks that I know, who celebrate each accomplishment. Her parents came from Jamaica and India with a dream of a better future, a better life. Well within that life their little girl was able to achieve the second most powerful office of the United States of America. Let us stop and think about that.

Growing up my parents always told me I could be anything I want to be. But I’ll be honest, they never told me I could be president of the United States. As much as they gave me the best that they could and pushed me to educate myself and do better, those words were never said. Did that hold me back from achieving my dreams, absolutely not because they supported me in other ways (and still do) each and every day. When my daughter was a baby people would say she’s such a princess, or what a doll, etc. From when she was little I would always tell her she had the power to be the Prime Minister, the President and then a princess. The words you choose to use when speaking to your daughters matter. The empowerment begins at home with you. Our girls will be made fun of on the school yard and challenged in the classroom. They will have to deal with not fitting the “look” of a certain type of group or being included because let’s be honest, sometimes kids are just plain mean. Saying all of that, let us take the time to lift our girls up. Let us show them that if they set their minds to it and work hard, they too can accomplish anything. And let us adults work harder so that when they are Kamala’s age there is no glass ceiling because we’ve smashed the crap out of it!

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