A few more firsts…

It truly is amazing how the days are flying.  I held off writing last week as I wanted to send a full update on a couple of big firsts we had.

The first was our inaugural Mommy-Toddler train ride into Toronto.  We were lucky to have a friend and her little guy join us on the excursion.  I wasn’t necessarily worried about the ride as it was one I had made hundreds of times before when I used to work in Toronto but I was worried about how we would get around with a stroller.  Toronto, for as amazing as a city it is, isn’t the easiest to maneuver in a stroller.  Last time I had planned on doing this it was winter still and the ramp from the GO Train (think commuter rail for you folks reading this in Boston) to the subway wasn’t built yet and I didn’t think it was the smartest to go alone and have to deal with stairs.  So this time around our trip didn’t include the all well known elbowing for position on the platform as we went right after rush hour.  We entered on the accessibility coach, the only place really with a ramp and enough room to park a stroller in.   We were guided to the elevators when we got off in Toronto and then the goal was to maneuver our way into the PATH, Toronto’s underground walkway linking 30 kilometres of shopping, services and entertainment.  The ramp to the subway and PATH entrance had been completed so once we figured out where it was it was smooth sailing.  We made our first stop at Starbucks, grabbed some coffees and off we went.  It was great to be in the hustle and bustle of the city.  We made our way through the buildings in stride and only got a few dirty looks along the way.  I forgot how in a zone people are.  Granted we were there late morning/early afternoon and attempted to do our best to stay out of people’s way, some people still thought they owned the walkways and seemed bothered that strollers were in their way.  Regardless the kids did amazing and the mamas survived!!

Our second first was a trip to the Toronto Zoo.  This wasn’t just a first for the little one, it was a first for mama as well.  The zoo is huge, it is over 710 acres big.  The last zoo I had been to was the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago on a trip a few years back and that was only 35 acres big, so needless to say, I couldn’t even begin to fathom the vastness of this place.  Since we went on a weekday we were able to park fairly close and we were off and running.  The kid did well for about an hour, after that she could have cared less.  Maybe it was the school kids on their field trip who were everywhere, maybe it was the heat, maybe it was just that her attention span still isn’t that of an older child.  We lasted less than two hours.  That included losing a sun hat and a mini freak out in the gift shop where we went to replace the hat.  Needless to say I’ve decided we won’t be going back there fora few years.

Both mama and missy are happy the nicer weather is here.  That means more time outdoors: at the park, on bike or wagon rides and other fun excursions and firsts.  Time to bring out the play clothes and run around in the yard.  I try not to worry as I know they’ll be lots of falls and booboo kisses this summer.  I’m just preparing to enjoy every minute of it.
Remember my friends life is too short, you have no idea what tomorrow may bring so make today count!!

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