The Dentist

Well there comes a time in every person’s life where they need to go to the dentist.  For some it is an amazing experience and for others it is traumatic.  For some they love it and others hate it.  I was trying to be aware of all of this when booking the kid’s first appointment to the dentist.  Now some people take their child as a one year old to get them used to the idea, others I’ve heard wait until all the teeth are in, including molars, and then go.  My personal dentist said to wait until she’s three to bring her in.  So seeing as we’re almost at that milestone I decided to make an appointment for her.  I didn’t go to the dentist that hubby and I use, I made a decision to take her to a dental office that specializes in kids.  It was truly quite the experience.  We walked in and the waiting room was buzzing with chatter.  Kids and parents were everywhere.  As I observed my child was definitely the youngest in the room.  She did great while waiting and even tried to sneak into the back once or twice before she was called.

As we were called and entered the back each room was decorated with a kid’s theme and we walked in and she took her seat on the big chair.  She was asked what her favourite show was and before I knew it she was laid back watching Paw Patrol while we were answering some basic questions.  The dental hygienist was amazing.  Patient and had a kind voice which not only put my child but myself at ease.  When she finished she passed it off to her ‘friend’ the dentist to double check her work.  The dentist was great again making sure everyone was comfortable with everything she was doing.  The hygienist came back right as we finished with a balloon and a token for a prize, since the kid had no cavities.  The dentist came back with a few stickers since she had done such a great job she deserved something extra she said.  All in all it was great.

I would say a few tips if you haven’t been yet:
1) Read as many books as you can about going to the dentist.
2) Watch as many cartoons, kid’s shows, YouTube videos, whatever your child is into that shows them going to the dentist. We watched Peppa Pig, Caillou, even the Paw Patrol go to the dentist.
3) “Practice” in advance with them.  We have a doctor’s kit that includes dental instruments and so we gave her an idea of what it would be like.
Find a dentist that you like or you think will be good with kids.  This is trial and error.  I love my dentist but did not feel that they’d be the best fit for my child, so I went elsewhere.
4) If you’re not brushing your child’s teeth start now.  They are never too young to start.  Also one thing I was told is if you’re not flossing start now as well.  We haven’t been diligent in that department.  Not for lack of trying but you attempt to corral a toddler and hold them down while holding a tiny piece of string between their teeth.  One tip we were told is use the dental floss picks.  Lay them down and make it a game.  Certainly has been a game changer for us.

Here is the little Miss, holding on to Rainbow Bear, while her teeth are being counted.

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