After all…you’re family

Hello everyone I hope you had a great week!

Last week we did a #famjam road trip to a small town about 90 minutes outside of College Station, Pennsylvania. The road trip was to visit my father-in-law’s sister and her family. It was my first time meeting hubby’s aunt and one of her sons and a reunion for other members of the family who had visited a few years ago for a family wedding. We had a great trip down and our first night were able to be part of a birthday party celebration. Although as what happens with many gatherings, the toddler in the room takes center stage. In this case, she had 12 people singing and dancing to “If you’re happy and you know it!” Picture the group from 12-85 years old clapping on tune. I was too busy enjoying the moment to capture it but it was one for the record books!

This trip makes me nostalgic of my own extended family. My husband is lucky enough to have much of his family within an hour drive. My parents were the only ones to immigrate out of Greece so our entire family is there. Cousins who now have families and who’s kids have families in some instances. You missed so many important moments of each others lives but somehow when you see each other it falls right back into place because after all…you’re family.

Below is a picture of my view while visiting.  I call it ‘serenity now’.


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