Well the last couple of weeks have been hectic ones for this mama.  I’ve continued to work while raising our daughter and these past 8 days my clients had four events between them that we had to get through.  If you know me you know that the job got done to the best of my abilities regardless of life going on in the background.

We continued the party celebrations for an amazing little girl that we’ve gotten the pleasure to know these last 8 months.  Her mom has become a good friend and it is amazing to watch our little ladies become friends.  She was ever the princess that every little girl should be on their first birthday and of course surrounded by family, friends and  most importantly love.

imageAfter finishing a fun Saturday it was a few more hours of work to prepare for what would be the last of four events in 8 days that I was a part of.  Working on events, regardless of how big or small, you always sweat the small stuff.  How will everything turn out, how will the weather effect your event, will the AV work, will there be enough food and drink, will your volunteers show up.  This is just the nature of the beast to have these worries flying through your head.  As I was driving into the city, I went through all of the pieces and knew we were in the best place we could be.  The event which was for an organization whose board I sit on BART: North American Centre for Byzantine Arts.  We were hosting a Byzantine artist who would literally create a work of art before our eyes.  This artist, Dr. George Kordis, was able to literally take a blank canvas and in two hours time create a masterpiece.  Thank you to Christina Kakaletris for taking these and many more amazing pictures of the evening.  You can see more of her photos from the event here.


IMG_33050000 IMG_34990000With the excitement of the party and the event behind me I was excited to get home to my DD that I had left for the first time for so many hours with someone who wasn’t a family member.  Although at times I feel as though this friend is more like a sister.  We began our journey home and along the way hubby and I had a flat tire.  Of course this would happen on one of the coldest nights and we would also discover that I don’t have a jack in my car, so much for doing this on our own.  CAA bless their hearts had a two hour wait.  Not what this mother who was itching to get back home to her DD wanted to hear.  We found an independent tow driver that was able to help us out in far less than two hours.

As we were waiting I got a call that no one is prepared for.  My cousin back in Boston had passed away.  Another individual taken from us far too soon.  This man was one of the good ones.  Not because we’re related but because he was a giving soul.  He was there for his family, his church, his community at large.  I wouldn’t be able to count the number of ‘kids’ my age and younger he helped all the years of coaching basketball.  I remember his smile and his gentle ways.  My heart aches for his wife and children and of course his parents.  I always heard the saying a parent should never have to bury their child.  I honestly can say that I fully didn’t understand what that meant until I had a child of my own.  May your memory be eternal my dear cousin.  Αἰωνία σου ἡ μνήμη Ξάδελφε.


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