Well that was a fun few weeks!

Sorry for not writing recently. As you can tell by my posts I write about recent happenings in our lives.  Well the last few weeks have been busy to say the least.  The little lady and I (along with my mother in law) went on a road trip to Illinois to visit my best friend from the first grade.  We have birthdays just days apart and this one was what I call a milestone birthday. It ended in a -0.  Since I knew we couldn’t be together for our birthdays we planned a trip so we could spend some time together.  She has three little ones and mine makes four so needless to say the crazy days of partying and staying up all night weren’t happening unless someone with ten little fingers and toes was keeping us up.

It was wonderful to see Amanda and her family.  During the 10 hour drive back, after having said our goodbyes it got me thinking about friendship and what it really is/means.  I am an outgoing person.  I am a person who knows a lot of people, or rather because of my unique name, a lot of people know me.  I have an amazing group of friends and acquaintances.  What does it mean to have a friend to you?  To me these are the people I lean on the most.  The people I confide in or am able to share a laugh or tear with.  These are the people that you know, no matter what, will be by your side through it all.  I’ve had the opportunity to have this friend by my side through so many amazing events. We saw each other through the high school years (big hair, puffy prom dresses, basketball games and cheering meets).  We saw each other struggle and soar as we made our way through college/university.  I recall the last night of my freshman year and something about an exam the next day.  Being there when our respective courtships began and seeing the other so happy and in love.  Standing by each others side as maid of honor during the happiest day of our lives.  Listening and laughing as we went through our pregnancies at the thought of the unknown.  Seeing those baby smiles for the first time and knowing that this has changed each one of us forever.  And finally having our kids meet for the first time, secretly hoping they got along. Seeing how good her children were with mine (they’re older and sent an amazing example) and seeing how mine could hang with their crew.

Through all of this I couldn’t help but feel grateful.  Grateful that I had this amazing friend by my side through it all.  Grateful that our husbands and kids get along.  Grateful that we may have started a second generation of BFFs.


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