The year of big birthdays has begun…

Well the year of big birthdays has begun.  It actually started a couple of weeks ago with my mom’s (yiayia’s) birthday which I guess in its own way was a big one 🙂  The ones I am referring to are the one year old birthday and the big 4-0!  I shudder to think that I will be turning that number later this year but I find comfort in knowing I’ll be one of the last of my friends to turn that age.  Thank God for a birthday later in the year!

Being Greek and not having a very famous patron saint, my nameday wasn’t a big deal growing up.  Honestly it wasn’t until I was an adult that I found out I had a nameday.  So birthdays were it.  We would always have a celebration.  Some years it was a big party and some years it was a cake with just the family but regardless you always got a birthday card (yes my husband jokes that as an American we keep Hallmark in business and send thank you notes for a thank you note) and usually a gift.  As I got older and especially when I moved to another country the connection around birthdays was even more special.  The fact that people took time out of their busy lives to remember me and my day meant so much.  I guess this is the way I see birthdays in others.  I try and do my best to remember the day and hopefully have sent a card in advance.  Now as I’m about to embark on the year where my little one will turn one they have an even greater meaning.  It is as if you get to relive all of these great memories again, except now you remember them 🙂  Don’t worry I won’t bore you with months of posts on how the plans are coming for Little Miss’ big day but I will share pictures once the time comes.  I just know it was great to be able to start these celebrations off right and look forward to all of the parties ahead.  Bring on the CAKE!


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