A Day of Love or a Hallmark Holiday?

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  A day that everyone expresses their love to each other.  People race around to candy stores to buy large heart shaped boxes of chocolates, teddy bears and whatever else they can find in order to bring home to their loved one so they know how much they mean to them.  But really, is February 14th a day of love or a Hallmark Holiday?

My husband does not buy into it.  He doesn’t think that you need one day a year to remind someone how much they mean to you.  This should be done throughout the other 364 days a year.  It is the little things like when he’s hogging the covers and you let him have them because you know if you pull on them he’ll just wake up.  Or when you’re pregnant and all you want Chinese food from one place and he goes to get it for you at 10pm.  Or when you just need a break and your partner senses that and takes the kids for the day so you can get some much needed mental health time.  These are the little things.  These are the things that aren’t posted all over social media on February 14th but these are the things that count.

So a couple of years ago my husband tried to send me flowers on Valentine’s Day and the flowers never arrived.  Now you’ll say that it is convenient that they didn’t arrive.  So picture a Valentine’s Day with not even an acknowledgement from your partner.  Needless to say I was not very happy as I am not a fan in spending $100 on roses that will just wilt and die and three days but I would have been happy with a card.  He included a card with a heartfelt message in the flower order, that never came.  So late that night when he came home from a long day of work, he showed me the placed order (days prior I might add) with the message that never came.  Of course I understood and needless to say he made it up to me but it just affirmed my belief.

So tomorrow we’ll wake up and have a family breakfast.  Open our cards (remember I said cards were important) and go along with our days. Whether you’re married or single, celebrating or not tomorrow know that I’ll be thinking of my wonderful friends near and far.  I’m grateful for all of you and wish you a great day, however you choose to celebrate.

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