A busy start to Summer!

Hello everyone–I’m sorry that I haven’t written in a while but we had a busy end to spring and start to summer, to say the least!

First off I had my first trip away from Miss K.  Thanks to my hubby for holding down the fort while I flew into Beantown for a pretty big anniversary from my alma mater.  It was amazing to see so many familiar faces after all of those year.   Of course it was wonderful to catch up with my friends and who knew how state of the art the “new” dorms on campus would be.  A walk through the bookstore which I swear used to sell more books when I was there, and just seemed so much bigger then.  We stayed in the dorms and talk about a blast from the past!  How did I sleep in that bed?  How did I fit my life in a room like that for three of the four years?  How did we put up with the smell from Maryanne’s and the sticky floors? Seriously it had to be the dollar drafts.  They now have a Dunkin Donuts right by the B line.  Where was this when I was going there?  Seriously it was amazing to be able to walk there each morning and grab an iced coffee.  I loved hanging out with the L’s, C’s and of course DR.  Thanks for being great roommates.  To those of you who weren’t able to join us or decided reunions aren’t for you, I ask you to reconsider.  We have our biggest one to date on June 4-5, 2022.  There is no reason you can’t plan now in order to make it.  And if nothing else, I’ll be flying back in for it so come and see me!

I’ll write more about the past month next week.  Now I have to ask Noah to borrow his ark to get to the liquor store because they workers are schedule to walk out on Monday and God knows with a toddler in the house, once in a while a glass of wine is necessary!

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