Santa oh Santa

Well I would love to be writing this fabulous blog post about how we’ve had amazing photos with the white bearded one.  How we had such a festive experience each of the times we’ve seen him.  That they’ve been filled with laughter and with an excitement like no other.  Well the second part is a bit right.  The kid gets very excited at the idea of seeing Santa.  She gets wrapped up in the festivities around it, whether it is getting a sneak peek at his chair or having story time before making the walk downstairs to see him, or writing a letter to him.  But come to actually sit on his lap and that is a completely different story.  Santa oh Santa why is my toddler not a fan of yours?  So this year you won’t see a photo of the kid on Santa’s lap.  You’ll see one of me standing behind him holding her, you’ll see one of me standing next to him and them high-fiving and you’ll see one of me sitting next to him and them holding hands.  So Santa I’ve been a good girl this year, my toddler it depends on the day!

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