Time doesn’t stand still

Well I honestly can’t believe that my last post was after Halloween and now we’re almost at Christmas. I’d love to say that I have had some amazing things happen that have kept me away but honestly it has just been life.

I did have an amazing trip to Beantown to visit my family for American Thanksgiving. Please don’t be mad with me if I didn’t see you this trip, my primary focus was family and getting in as much of that time together as we could.  We had a great trip with even a surprise visit from hubby for Thanksgiving day.  Seriously only someone who truly loves you would go through all of the trouble to fly in for dinner.  Thanks Hun, it meant so much to have you there!  To my cousin for hosting us all, thank you as well.  So glad the glass tables survived.  And to my family–you guys are there through it all–the good and the bad.  Thanks for letting us crash at your house, driving us around, sharing your toys, playing games and helping us make memories that are priceless.  Oh and of course being our surrogate shoppers on Black Friday (thanks Theia Mel)!

Now we move onto Christmas.  Our tree is up sans most of our ornaments since they’re breakable and we have a toddler.  We’re learning Christmas carols and trying to grasp why mommy wants us to go to this stranger dresses in red. We’ve written our letter to Santa and will patiently wait for a “present” on Christmas, since this is what she keeps asking for.  I’m excited to see the magic this year that she understands a bit more. Because as you know…time doesn’t stand still.

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