Well it is official…

Well it is official…when this day ends I will be older than when it began. I know you’re going to say isn’t that the case for everyone?  Well of course but today is my birthday.  The day to celebrate all that is me.  I love birthdays and I love celebrations. The Greek tradition is that when it is your day, you pay.  Birthday celebrations don’t include your friends taking you out, it includes you taking everyone else out,or having a big bash with everyone that you pay for.  I haven’t had the privilege to spend a birthday in Greece but I’ll never say never.

This year’s celebrations started off with a fabulous dinner with my hubby last night.  We have been trying to get to this restaurant for the last few years and every time we tried they were either closed on that day or we waited to long to get a reservation and they were fully booked.  We this time hubby did it right and we were able to go.  We had a great evening and here is a snipit of our meal.  You only live once so you can be decadent on your birthday!

Birthday DinnerI have no doubt that today will be a great one as I will be spending it with my little lady.  She told me she wants to pick out my birthday cake.  A blue dinosaur cake with red and purple writing.  I told her that would be amazing but probably hard to find on short notice and maybe we should save that for her birthday.  I think as long as she sees cake, gets to help blow out the candles and sing, she’ll be a happy camper.  After all, when you reach my age, really birthdays are a celebration of all the situations that you were in that didn’t kill you and acknowledging all that you’ve done right in this life.  I’m am fortunate to have my health, be surrounded by an amazing family and a phenomenal group of friends.  So a big shout out to all of you for helping me get here!  Later today I’ll dance the zembekiko in your honours to one of my favourite Poulopoulos songs. OPA!!


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