Assessing your own mortality

So if we’re Facebook friends you may have seen that a high school classmate of mine passed away in a tragic accident a couple of weeks ago.  She was driving in her car with her two daughters and was hit by an oncoming pick up truck that was hit by another truck that was pushed into her lane.  It was a freak accident and quite honestly I have no idea if she knew what hit her or if there was anything that she could have done.  She was able to save her two daughters and that in and of itself is a miracle.  Of course this tragedy gets you thinking about your own mortality.  I’m not that old, or at least I like to think I’m not.  We were the same age, she was a few months older.  She was lucky to have met her husband before I met mine and start a family sooner but she gave up her life as an teacher to stay home and raise her girls.  These girls now need to go  through life, especially the most challenging teenage years, without her.

As I drove home earlier today, with little Miss strapped in her car seat it got me thinking of how easily this could happen to any of us.  I know other people who have died in tragic ways but they were older, much older, so I guess in a way that made it ‘okay’.  As tragic as their passing was you were comforted that they had lived long, happy lives.  It also made me think did I tell my husband that I loved him today?  Did I give the kid an extra hug when I put her into that car seat?  Did I make sure I listened to what she wanted to tell me that was sooo important, or did I half listen?  I have said for a very long time that this is not a dress rehearsal so we must make today count.

Rest easy my friend, may your memory be eternal and may God continue to watch your family.


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