Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fabulous moms out there including my own.  Today is a day to celebrate all women who are involved in our lives.  I know that we are surrounded by a number of yiayias and theias that may not be our own blood relatives but they have helped to mold me and now my daughter’s life.  These woman may or may not have children, but regardless of their circumstances, they have chosen to be in our lives and for that we’ll be forever grateful!

Also to all the moms who are going to see a million posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, pick your social media poison, about the amazing day everyone is having and all of the wonderful gifts they’ve received today, I beg of you, don’t start comparing.  You don’t know what happens behind closed doors in a home and what people are dealing with.  As many of us know, people come to social media for attention and today is a perfect day to get that.  I have no doubt I’ll get some flack for my jaded comments but deep down you know there is truth in it.

Now as for my day, it started like every other day with my toddler yelling for me to get her out of the crib.  We had some snuggle time and then the fun began.  It is 8:15 am EST as I type this and along with the delicious French Toast with ‘real’ maple syrup, from a farm that we love, that hubby so kindly made for me, I show you a glimpse of what the rest of my morning has looked like.

FrenchToastCardsonfloor - Copy

Cheerios - CopySo as I jump off my tablet to go grab the vacuum to clean up the Cheerios, making sure I don’t step on a flash card and break anything I send a shout out to all of you, my fellow mamas, who regardless of our backgrounds, our upbringings, our current situations, we’re all just trying to keep our heads our of water and our kids alive!

And to my mom who will never read this because God bless her, she has no idea how to operate a computer or a tablet, thank you! Thanks for the rides to school or basketball, Thanks for making me go to Greek School even when I hated it.  Thanks for showing me that when you set your mind to something, in your case leaving Greece at 22 with very little education and moving to America, not speaking the language and with all of your possessions in a trunk, you can make an amazing life for yourself, your husband, and future family.  You can bust your butt to educate your children so they can excel and make better lives for themselves.  No matter what you do, I know that you do it with the best intentions and out of love.  S’agapw.



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