On the road again…

So as I mentioned earlier in the week we survived the flight to our destination and certainly had learned a lot for our return flight back.  On the road again…this time we decided to pay the extra money and check in all of the suitcases.  We  just each kept a backpack with us and the diaper bag.  The diaper bag had less toys for the airport.  Since this airport was larger than the one we flew out of in Canada I knew I could find things to keep her entertained.  But pretty much the same amount of food, clothes, diapers, wipes, etc.

We got to the airport early and were the first in line to check in when we were allowed to.  This gave us ample time to go through security, even though dad somehow go stuck behind us which caused a screaming frenzy from the child who thought we were leaving daddy behind.  We spent a chunk of time closer to the food area as our gate was towards the end of the airport and we figured more for her to see and be entertained by.

We boarded the plane first and were able to secure our car seat in.  This time I sat with the child and all was well with the world when the amazing steward told me that I could give her the iPad and didn’t need to take it away for take-off.  I think everyone on the plane loved him at that moment.  In all honesty, the rest is pretty boring.  She drank a bit of water and fell asleep as we were taking off, iPad in hand.  I took it away and she woke up as we were descending in Toronto.

I know you’re saying that’s it?  Well it was for the moment.  Hubby and I decided that we’d let the others out first and then we’d get off the plane since we had our bags, the car seat, the kid, etc.  There were only a few people left way in the back and we started to get our stuff together.  I remember putting the child down for a second to grab the bag and next thing I knew there was vomit all over the floor.  I look up and then there is more vomit all over me, the kid and the bags.  At this point the kid is crying and if you know me, I’m not good with vomit.  I tend to gag if it is happening around me.  In all honesty I don’t know how I held it together but thank God for the crew of our flight.  They were so quick with the towels, packets of wipes, bags for the clothes, shoes, etc., this is where all of the extra clothes I packed in the diaper bag came in handy.  In the future note to self pack a pair of slippers or indoor shoes.  I didn’t have any and so it became a bit tricky when later on the kid wasn’t allowed to walk at all.  Of course you’re mortified as a parent and can’t believe this happened.  The steward told me that he’s done it and the pilot came out and said this happens more often than you think.  Because of the delay we got caught in between two domestic flights which meant we had to wait for about 10 minutes as international people can’t mix in hallways with domestic people but we chatted it up with the staff and honestly everyone was amazing!

One lesson learned that I never thought of was to throw in an extra piece of clothing for mom and dad.  I ended up having to drive home in the vomit stained clothing but honestly my kid was fine and in amazing spirits so I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

A big thank you to the crew of Porter Airlines, if you ever have a chance to fly them do not hesitate.  They are amazing and continue to be my carrier of choice!

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