Where has the last month gone?!?

Where has the last month gone?!? Well since I last wrote a lot has happened. We officially entered the world of toddler-hood. Why didn’t anyone warn me it was as if a switch went off overnight? We had a fabulous time with our family from the States which came and helped to celebrate little Miss’ birthday! It meant so much to us. We also got to spend some extra time with γιαγια and παππου-παππου! This is always fun and special.

We have taken off with the walking and are full speed ahead!  Sometimes we forget to look down though and bump our head or fall.  But I think this hurts mommy more than it does Miss K.  She just gets up and keeps on going! She is one tough cookie!

1st wish

We helped Daddy celebrate another birthday and the little miss was right next to daddy helping to blow out his candles!   I was able to celebrate my second Mother’s Day with my beautiful little girl.  She and daddy know how to make a mommy feel loved and extra special!  And today we celebrate παππου-παππου’s birthday but alas from afar.  We FaceTimed him this morning and hope he can figure out how to send us some cake  via FaceTime tonight!

We hope you all have a great day and promise more to come next week.  Here’s a peek into all the goodies we had with the birthday celebrations.  Cookies, cake, ice cream cake for the little Miss’ big day and of course a cake for daddy’s birthday!

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