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Sorry I didn’t schedule my post for Tuesday as I usually do but I wanted to have some news to share.  Of course we celebrated a first last week with Valentine’s Day.  It was great to see Miss K all in her red and surrounded by love.  She had three FaceTime dates, with both sets of grandparents and her aunt, uncle and cousin and we had a special dinner.  On Monday the year of big birthday’s began when one of my closest friends turned 40.  Then a couple of days later one of Miss K’s friends turned one.  Unfortunately I couldn’t’ be in Boston to celebrate with my friend but we can’t wait to celebrate this weekend with the little lady and her family and friends.

So as Ash Wednesday came and went and Clean Monday (the first day of Lent in the Greek Orthodox faith) is almost here it makes me think about all of the things that people give up during lent.  I’m not a giver-upper.  I much rather do.  So this lent I will continue to do more for others. I will give when I can and continue my random acts of kindness.  If you celebrate Easter, are you giving up something for lent?  Will you pay it forward?  Regardless how you celebrate I hope your table is full of delicious lenten treats!


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