Merry Christmas!

kala-xristougenna5As I sit here typing I wait for the anticipation of little miss’ reaction to her first Christmas.  I don’t expect much of one honestly. I mean really she’s more interested in eating the paper and banging on boxes than whatever is inside of them. I remember one friend telling me the best thing I could do was just wrap a few empty boxes and let her go to town. It got me thinking what if we did that for older children and adults. What if I gave you an empty box for Christmas would you look at me like I had 12 heads or would you be happy? How much has the season turned into the tangible things as opposed to the intangibles that should be in our lives every day? Are you a good person (you get to define the word good)? Have you treated others with respect? Have you lived your life each day as if it was your last? If you’re not sure about how to answer those questions maybe this year you should focus a bit less on what is inside the box and work on everything that really counts.

From my family to yours wishing you a very Merry Christmas! To those of my friends who don’t celebrate please don’t take offense by my greeting. For me today is Χριστούγεννα literally meaning the day of Christ’s birth. Whatever you celebrate may it be a happy one! And to my non believer friends, you know who you are, have a nice day 🙂

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