Road Trip!

Well we survived our first road trip with the little miss.  A quick 12 hour drive to surprise the grandparents for US Thanksgiving.  Traveling with an infant certainly was a learning experience.  Honestly how does a tiny being have so many things?!?  We had a minivan full of stuff and let me tell you the only thing that my hubby and I had was a shared suitcase.  In our entire lives together we’ve never shared a suitcase! The craziness of the packing, the clothes, the diapers, the wipes, the toys, the food, the formula, the snacks, the extra clothes, the extra diapers, the playpen, the carriage, and the list goes on and on, was TOTALLY worth it to see my mom’s face when we rang the doorbell unannounced.

It was hard to juggle time with the immediate family while trying to see a few other people.  I think sometimes people forget how hard it is when you’re just one person (or a couple of people) and everyone wants a piece of you.  So to those of you who we didn’t get a chance to see, we’re sorry.  Hopefully we’ll see you next time.

As far as those of you who are debating about do you or don’t you go away, go for it!  Next time we’ll tackle the plane.  Now that should be a crazy adventure 🙂



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