Meeting new mommy friends is like dating…

What another amazing week we had. We celebrated our first Halloween, complete with costumes, pumpkins and candy (for mom– don’t judge me). It was great to see little Miss be able to share this with her cousins the Incredible Hulk and the Texas Burger. Seriously the pictures will serve as memories for years to come.

I also celebrated an anniversary last month of 6 years in my new country. It truly is amazing how that time flew. It was one of the hardest decisions I made in my life and yet one of the easiest. I now have an amazing life to show for it. As good as it is, there are certain times that you miss your comfort zone: your family and friends and support network. I have been able to surround myself with some great people but 30 years of friendship, in some cases, is hard to replicate in 6. Having a baby made me miss that comfort zone.

As I said to one mom, meeting new mommy friends is like dating and who liked doing that?!? You go to Starbucks and grab a coffee, as you are guaranteed to speak to another adult when you place your order. You may walk through Target in hopes of getting your baby to nap. You swear that you have a loss prevention officer tailing you as you literally are in there every day.  And then you see her. She’s coming down the aisle, pushing a stroller like you. She may have it put together a bit more that day, or she may look a little more disheveled. Either way you’re getting ready to smile. You look up and smile at her and she walks by and nothing. She’s consumed at her baby fidgeting in the carriage, or she’s texting, or whatever it may be that day. And you feel as though you missed that opportunity to connect. Well I took matters into my own hands last week and started a meetup group for moms in my area. So far I’m proud to say we have 26 mommies (and the majority I don’t know yet). We have a bunch of events scheduled and it feels good. Good to be able to connect again with more than just my barista!

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