Have you ever had one of those weeks?

Have you ever had one of those weeks?  It seems as a mom they come more frequently.  Not that everyone doesn’t have them but it is so hard when your little one can’t speak to tell you what’s wrong.  It is trial and error to figure it out.  If they’ve eaten, had a diaper change, been burped what else can be left?  Well for us it is the heat.  We have discovered just like her daddy this kid hates to be hot.  Hard to maintain during the summer but we try, how you might ask, well by living in an igloo.  On the hottest day of the summer I’m in a sweatshirt and my Ugg slippers because my darling daughter needs to be comfortable.  Let me tell you, when she is overheated it isn’t fun!

I also had my first experience of signing her up for events through our city.  On Monday I got to wait in line for almost an hour to be afforded the opportunity to sign us up for some fall classes. Let me tell you I’m glad  I got there when I did because I took the photo found at the end of the post about 10 minutes after I got there.  The line wrapped out the door.  Amazing what we do for our kiddies.

The nursery rhyme this week can be found here for the Greek folk and anyone interested in watching. The loose English translation on the quick version (aka pappou didn’t want to be singing the whole thing 20 times a day) is:

The hands to the right
The hands to the left
Put your hands up
Bring your hands down
One in front and the other in back
Now again I’m going to leave them
Tralala very good.


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