Chickens, puppies and piggies, oh my!

So today was one of those days. A lot has happened in the last two weeks since I wrote. Little Miss rolled over for the first time. Not sure who was more excited me or her dad who was showing the video to everyone!

She also was able to get lots of time in with her yiayia and pappou before they had to go back to the States. We had a wonderful visit with them and she was able to learn some more songs. As of right now pappou owes her 4 chickens, 7 puppies and 5 piggies. Let’s see if he pays up 🙂

Today is the feast day of the Virgin Mary and I decided to go to church…okay so this was picked up from Friday where I left off…it never ceases to amaze me at how people feel free to comment on anything and everything when you have a child. Little Miss behaved greatly. She had a bottle without a freak out before (go me on the timing) and I even was able to cool her down in the warm church. To cool her down off came her socks and sandals and obviously her blanket. So as church was wrapping up a couple of ladies came over to see her. The first thing they both said was how I needed to put socks in her right away so she won’t catch a cold. Did I also know how quickly babies can catch a cold?!? Okay so I might not be up on how fast a baby catches a cold, I’ll give you that one, but did you know my baby hates to be hot? Did you also know how I had been up 5 out of the last 7 nights because the house was wayyyy to hot for the little one? Did you know how I was the one that carried her for 40 weeks plus 10 days because she didn’t want to come out until she was ready? Did you know she is not like any other child as she is a complete individual. So my dear ladies, next time you want to tell me how my kid needs to wear socks in the middle of August in a non air conditioned church I may have a hard time biting my tongue.

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