So my darling husband has been working on renovations the last ten days at work and has been gone for many hours at a time.  So he was seeing her sleeping when he left in the morning and sleeping when he arrived in the wee hours of the night.  If I dropped in to see him he’d ask how the little one was doing and my normal response would be, she’s great, I just put her down or she’s great, I just put her to sleep.  My husband looked at me weirdly whenever I used either saying.  I guess I really wasn’t thinking about how it sounded but rather was saying what the task at hand had been.  We’ve now decided that I would say I put her in her crib and she’s sleeping for the night.  It makes my hubby feel better…now let’s just hope I can remember 😉

Is there any language that you use/used that was questioned by family or friends?  Any funny stories?

Happy Friday everyone!!

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