Busy bees

Sorry for not having written in a while, the little Miss and I have been busy bees.  Yiayia and pappou have come to visit us and we’ve been having a great time.  Nothing beats having them spend time with my little one, it means so much to all of us.  We have had some great morning walks along the lakefront and of course nothing beats bath time and getting yiayia all wet!

I can’t believe she turned 3 months yesterday!  It is amazing to see her little personality grow and of course see her achieve all these new firsts.  We’re not rolling yet but we certainly can lift our heads and we seem very drawn to the new TV that daddy bought.  Needless to say mommy now listens to the radio a lot more!

She loves to be outside and I can’t wait to see her explore the outdoors next summer.  As we get into the dog days of summer we’re trying to find a balance of outdoor activities (early morning before it gets too hot) and some indoor ones.  What did you like to do with your newborn that you’d recommend we’d try?  Let us know.

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