Greek Time

So I am one of those people who is always early. If I’m supposed to be somewhere at noon I rather be outside at 11:30 or 11:40 waiting to do in then be late. This is funny considering most Greeks are always late and on Greek time. So it is very hard for me when I’m not in control of the situation and that seems to be the case now that I have a little one. Saturday was a perfect example, the goal was to to go for a ride and then make it to Walmart on the return. Well little miss decided she wasn’t having that and had a meltdown as we made it to the parking lot. Needless to say, we went home.

On Sunday we had dinner plans with a friend. Hubby and I loaded up the car and off we went 40 minutes early to ride around a nit before dinner. This time success, she slept the entire time! Now please don’t tell me we’re spoiling her by driving around and we’ll be stuck doing this forever, it is not a normal occurrence for us.

So last week we started in a mommy group. I selected this one that is a paid one because it exposes you to something different every week. Last week’s class was a set and greet during the first part and then we did Baby Salsa. It was a great workout for mommy, baby slept the whole time, but hey as the youngest baby in the class that’s her prerogative. Today’s class is on baby food. We’re not ready for that yet but I’m excited!

For those of you following the World Cup what do you think so far? We’re pretty excited and will be cheering on our team at 4:00pm today!!



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