Sleeping like a baby…

So another week has come and gone. Honestly, I have no idea where it goes, half the time I don’t even know what day it is. Feedings, diapers changes, bath times, bottle sterilization, laundry, tummy time, play time, limited nap time and some sleep is how the days are primarily spent. I was telling someone yesterday how I was able to manage a team of people, read/handle/respond to on average 300 emails a day, work for 14-16 hours, travelled via planes, trains and automobiles and yet was never as exhausted as I am how. It is true when they say a mother’s job is never done. How do all of you who have more than one kid do it?!?

On a sad note we had to say goodbye to our newborn clothes already. Little Miss is just too long and as she was kicking and doing her daily leg lifts it was not comfortable. I was hoping to get more than 5 weeks out of the clothes but what can you do? Hello 3 month outfits! And what is it with all of the sizing variances? I want to know if boys clothes vary this much or is it just girls? How can a 3 month onesie vary by 2 inches on the length? This is before I washed it so no shrinking was involved 🙂 I’ve starter to measure clothes at this point as I organize them in the closet because I realize that “objects may seem smaller than they appear.”

I leave you with a quote I read last week which was, “sleeping like a baby should be changed to sleeping with a warthog.” A couple of months ago I wouldn’t have any idea what that meant, today I agree 100%.

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  1. As both of my kids were over 9 pounds at birth, I never used newborn outfits! I think just like adult clothes sizes vary with where they are made. You would think that there would be a standard, but nope! I know how you are feeling and after Jonathan was born, I had to return to work after 6 weeks! It wasn’t easy. David would have to bring him in once a shift (I worked 12 hour weekends) so I could nurse! UGH. Enjoy this time as it flies by. Soon she will be 23 and living in her own condo. But, so nice having both my kids so close to me! Can’t wait to meet her in person. Miss you

  2. A mother’s work is never done!! Things will get better! Now when I buy clothes for my little guy, I don’t even bother looking at the size I just go by the weight and height!

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